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Bookbag Vs Backpack - What's the difference?

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Bookbag Vs Backpack -What's the difference? | 2020

Confused between Bookbag Vs Backpack or which Bag is more comfortable and more convenient. And, some of us do not know which one is useful because both looks similar but there are little differences which you should be aware of.

After reading this article Bookbag Vs Backpack, you will be able to get the right choice for your bags, so read this informative article till the end. In this article you will get your answer when it comes to picking the Backpack or a Bookbag, we have covered all your confusions and queries in our article i.e. Bookbag Vs Backpack. So, lets learn about Bookbags first:


What are Bookbags?

Bookbags are usually used for carrying little things or light weights. Bookbags have straps that is used for holding other items.

Specifications Of Bookbags:

A basic Bookbag looks like a little or handy bag with a handle or strap that is used for holding books and other items on the back side and the straps is for shoulders. These straps grab the shoulder to get a comfy hold. There are some compartments in the bag for daily essentials or needs. Nowadays, bags are coming with different styles, mostly according to the trend.

Uses Of Bookbag:

There are multiple usage of these Bookbags, we can use this for carrying our regular and little essentials which we use on our regular basis or daily essentials like our books or eating stuffs. Nowadays, Bookbags are becoming more in use at schools and colleges.

Bookbags are in trend, students are carrying their useful school supplies like books, geometry box, lunch, water bottle and sometimes they use it for their laptop too. If you are going in some event and don’t want to carry a big bag then Bookbags will absolutely be a perfect choice.

As we know Bookbags are more lighter than the Backpack, light weight bookbag gives you a very comfortable feel as it’s feels too light. You should use this bookbag more than a Backpack, because it’ll gives you a relaxation to your shoulders. Bookbag is also good for you spine and for your back because it is light weight, light weight will lead your spine safety.


HFSX Travel Laptop Bookbag

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Sosoon Laptop College Bookbag

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YALUNDISI Vintage College Bookbag

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What are Backpacks?

Backpacks are usually used for many purposes. In different places Backpack is also named as Kitbag, Pack, Rucksack and many more names.

Specifications Of Backpacks

Basically, Backpacks have lots of shelves, there are partitions for every commodity like for laptop, books, clothes, food stuffs and for many more things. Straps of Backpacks have thick padding foam. Backpacks are usually water proof, water proofing saves all commodities when its raining.

Uses Of Backpacks

There are multiple usage of Backpacks, many of us use for traveling like if you’re going for a trip and you want to carry your clothes, shoes and some of essentials then Backpack is absolutely a right choice for you. Backpack have lot of space for all your items and for your traveling essentials.

And if you are going for a hiking then Backpack will fulfill your needs because it has enough space you need in a bag like for hiking equipment and other related items. It has a different shelf and for eating stuffs there is a different space and even for schooling Backpacks are good too.

You can carry your weekly playing equipment like a bat, football, baseball kit or as needed. There are multiple compartments according to your needs.

If you are going somewhere and suddenly rain starts, then what you will do? Not to worry because nowadays every Backpack is coming with water proofing. Water-proof feature will protects your items from water and your items will don’t get wet.


Matien Travel Laptop Backpack

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YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack

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Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

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Bookbag Vs Backpack - SPECIALITIES


As we know Backpacks have multiple usage, you can use it in many purposes. There are many types of straps in the back side of bags for comfortable feel, some straps have breathable mesh and thick foam padding.

Some Backpacks have sternum strap and a hip belt. Backpacks have lots of compartments as per needs, it is expensive but very useful type of bag. Backpacks have very great creation construction. So, if you want to buy it for many purposes then it is right choice for your needs.


As we know, Bookbags are light weight, it is also has limited compartment. There are usually one or two compartments, so it is quite convenient.

And, it is not that much of expensive, it is cheap and affordable and it is comfortable too. So, if you don’t want to spend a huge amount, then Bookbags will be your absolutely right choice.


There is no exact answer for which one is better, they both are bags but have different types. It’s all on your preference. Both of them gives a great outcomes. You can give your preference on your situation. We hope our Bookbag Vs Backpack Guide helped you in understanding what exactly are their purposes are.